Max Daly

Investigative journalist


Max Daly

Investigative journalist specialising in the drugs trade, social affairs and crime. Author of Narcomania: How Britain Got Hooked on Drugs (Windmill 2013). Columnist for VICE UK. Clients also include Guardian, Marie Claire, Times.



Hunting for Guns

A look into Britain's junk gun trade
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The Sad Demise of Nancy Lee, One of Britain's Ketamine Casualties

Nancy Lee, who died after prolonged ketamine abuse at the age of 23. Ketamine is that crazy wobbly leg drug. The wacky student drug, the post club chill-out aid, the new gen LSD that gives users the power to become – according to 1970s K-hole explorer and dolphin whisperer John C Lilly – “peeping toms at the keyhole of eternity”.

Rich People Are Officially Less Likely To Be Busted For Drugs

Remember a while back when the police announced that they were going to crack down on middle-class drug use? Well, it turned out that was a pain in the arse, so at some point they went back to bullying the poor. A new unpublished report from the drugs policy charity Release confirms that the London Met are more likely to arrest the poor on drugs charges.

British Parents Are Doping Their Kids with Methadone

There are a few Victorian practices that really should have been left in the 19th century. We’ve managed to abandon whalebone corsets and sending prepubescent children into coal mines, but there are some things still clinging on: finishing schools, cholera and, most worryingly, doping babies with opiates.

The Rise and Rise of the UK's Student Drug Dealers

If the greatest architects, theorists and social planners who've ever lived were revived to design the perfect marketplace for drug dealers, they'd come up with a student halls of residence. A nest stuffed full of trainee adults, waiting like baby birds with their beaks wide open for their next life-changing experience.

Not regulating 'legal highs' condemns drug users to playing Russian roulette

Despite excitable claims in the Times on Friday and other papers over the last few months, the Home Office has announced that, contrary to "out of context" reports, it is not planning to license the sale of legal highs in UK high streets. Bearing in mind Britain's track record on drug policy, this was wholly predictable.
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The true story of the war on Britain's drug gangs

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The Great DJ Agency Scam

At least two closely linked DJ agencies have been scamming DJs across the country for hundreds of pounds. If you’re a DJ who wants to make it big, you need to read this...
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9 Times The Media Got It Woefully Wrong About Drugs

A century of scare stories and distortions.
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Would Madame Like a Line with her Blow-dry?

Max Daly explores how and why the culture of recreational drug use has become so female friendly
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The Meth-Fuelled, Week-Long Orgies Ravaging London's Gay Sex Party Scene

Tim, who used to organise "slamming" parties until he got out of the scene a couple of years ago. Week-long, unprotected orgies fuelled by intravenous doses of crystal methamphetamine are an increasing feature of London's gay sex-party scene. The orgies – or "slamming parties", as they've been dubbed ("slamming" is a euphemism for "injecting") – are known to a small but rapidly expanding section of London's gay community.

I Went Stop and Searching in Soho with the London Met

Operation Fallon is the London Met's stop-and-search anti-drugs drive. We shadowed a team of the Met's finest on Saturday night in Soho to see if their series of very minor victories are helping them win their war on drugs. Arriving in Soho, the streets are teeming with everyone from eight-year-old theatre brats straight out of Matilda the Musical , to seedy, pleather-coated pimps flitting from alcove to alcove, reeking of stale smoke and shit perfume.


Max Daly

Max Daly specialises in drugs and social affairs journalism. He was editor of Druglink, feeding the national media and the sector with UK drug use trends, investigations and analysis of the UK drug market, for eight years. His articles have informed the government and the Serious Organised Crime Agency. Previously he was deputy news editor on the Big Issue. He has written for the Guardian, The Times, VICE, Buzzfeed, Marie Claire and the Independent.